Leicester City has been traditionally linked with the manufacture of clothes and shoes. Most of the manufacturers that are still operational are not capable of hiring huge numbers of people. The majority of the people are involved in the exportation of the clothes and shoes to other places of Asia and Europe. Established in 1886, Equity Shoes is one of those factories that thrived in the shoe making business in the city. With its factory on Western Road it has a workforce of 150 people who make high quality boots and shoes for American and European markets.

Cute and Cuddly manufacture a range of baby wear and it was one of those largest manufacturers of clothes. It is still located on Vulcan Road which was the clothing industry's heartland. Aggregate Industries is perhaps the biggest employer in their industry. They are located about 10 miles northwest of Leicester and they are involved in the extraction of sand, rock and gravel. This extraction is done from quarries both in the locality and in the region. At Desford you will find Caterpillar who is also players in the construction. Caterpillar assembles small cars for use in the construction industry.

Leicester has its own brewery in the name of Everands that was initially founded in 1849 with it location being at Southgate Street before relocating to Narborough. This is a family business and it produces several brands with Beacon and Tiger being the most common with Leicester drinkers. Leicester is thus a busy city for any business person wishing to invest there. There is good transport within the city itself and linking it with the neighbouring towns and cities. The rich mix of people from different places across the globe is evidence that this city is a real attraction that has the promise of prosperity in all fields of the economy.