Leicester is a city of many cultures and this is shown in the plenty of different cuisines from different countries that are available. Indian restaurants are the dominant ones in the city with most of these and those from other countries being mainly located at Melton and Belgrave roads. There are Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Mexican and French restaurants for you to select from. There are some fancy restaurants although they are not easy to come by. The Opera House is said to be the best restaurant in the city. If you are looking for a bar look no further than Braunstone Gate located at Narborough Road and Hinckley Road to get the full experience of the bar scene of Leicester.

Leicester is recognized as the first Environment City of Britain and holds the European Sustainable City title. It has plenty of areas that are under green vegetation. It has a strong economy that was once powered by industries that have since stopped to operate. In its place are new developments that are making the city to be an economic power. The desirableness of Leicester as a suitable place to live in is often hidden by its being modest like most cities in the Midlands.

The roads in the city are mainly one-way without any places to make turns. One may think that the planners of this city were hell bent on making the life of drivers difficult. To avoid this pain on the road it would be advisable to use public transport network. Besides the public transport there is the railway system that connects Leicester with other cities in the vicinity.

There are several places where you can go and watch art performances. These include the modern performance center called the Curve that opened just recently. Others include Phoenix Arts Complex, De Montfort Hall and Haymarket Theatre. There are several annual festivals that Leicester uses top showcase her cultural diversity.